Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself…


My name is Alyssa; I am one of the co-founders of ERP. I have my toes dipped in the waters of many fandoms including Homestuck, Dr. Who, Sherlock, Walking Dead, Night Vale — and of course, a ton of anime and manga!! I know some Japanese, some German and a whole lot of sarcasm. I have been watching anime and reading manga for quite some time now. I am a plus-sized, disabled cosplayer, wig commissioner, anime fan, and casual gamer. I have been to 5 anime conventions! I am in charge of running and will be posting exclusive reviews on there as well! I have been to 5 anime conventions!
Trystan and I have been best friends for 8-9 years now. We mainly met through anime — Inuyasha in particular. After about a year or more of discussing, we have finally gotten around to creating a review blog for all of the anime that we watch. I look forward to sharing information and opinions with all of you on anime, manga, and games!

First Anime: Sailor Moon (when I was 3)
First Manga: Fruits Basket
First Video Game: Kirby for the SNES
Favorite Anime: NANA, Terror in Resonance, Free!
Favorite Manga: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Higurashi series, Peacemaker series, Saiyuki series
Favorite Game: Phoenix Wright — Ace Attorney

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