Dat Scizzor – Kill la Kill First Impressions

Dis one gangsta ass lady – Screenshot taken from Hulu

Well, that was something. I’m not really sure what just happened. There was a girl, she carried around half of a pair of scissors, and basically got molested by a uniform. Yeah, that’s about it.
It starts with a school being controlled by bullies? I guess bullies are the accurate term. They use mystical school uniforms to control the student population and the entire town. It seems like the perfect place for rebellion and guess what? Here comes an exchange student! Enter Ryuko Matoi, brash and crazy, wielding only part of a pair of scissors. She charges the school’s queen and, get this, loses. Ryuko goes home all pouty where she then falls into a basement she didn’t know she had.
Now this is where I would typically recommended leaving the vicinity and Ryuko does indeed try, until the talking uniform comes out. Yes, a talking uniform, a variant of the magical uniform and of the molesting variety. The uniform wastes no time in demanding Ryuko take her clothes off and stripping her when she refuses. It’s awkward, it’s weird, and frankly? It makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. Why did people watch this and go, “Oh yeah, that’s totally normal.” If that uniform was a person we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Don’t give me this nonsense about it being a school uniform. It can talk and clearly has an agenda of its own and therefore it can be held responsible for doing weird crap to Ryuko. Personally I would spend the rest of the series trying to find ways to get that thing off of me, but hey, I’m not her.
As for the rest of the episode post-creepy uniform? Ryuko has a rematch with the punk who beat her up earlier and wins thanks to the power of the ridiculous uniform. This brings us to the weird design they decided to give her. It’s like entirely skin for no real reason. How is extremely skin revealing clothing supposed to be good armor? That’s not how it works. That’s not anything works.

Rating: Half a pair of scissors down


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