Day One: In The Name of The Moon…

When I was three or four years old, I didn’t know what anime was. However I was, like most young children, an avid cartoon watcher. There was one particular cartoon that stood out to me as a child and that was, of course, Sailor Moon.

As a child, Sailor Moon was MY equivalent to Wonder Woman! Sailor Moon was the Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit that fought ‘scary’ monsters and demons on TV. As a child, I would hang upside down on the bottom bunk of my bed watching the show every chance I had. I had little interest in anything else on Toonami Sunrise save for Sailor Moon. I would stay up late just to watch Sailor Moon. Serena/Usagi was a silly, ai-rheaded girl with a gluttonous appetite, a cute hairstyle, and was surrounded by pretty friends. She was everything a little girl could dream of. Well, everything I could dream of, being a child who was raised on X-men and Spider-Man cartoons. I was very into superheroes and Sailor Moon appealed to me.

For whatever reason, as a child, my favorite scouts were Jupiter and Mars. I’ll never understand why, seeing as Mars was portrayed as rude and snobbish and Jupiter’s personality came off as bland. Even so, I never liked Mercury (and I am still not fond of her), and Venus was just…there.

I honestly don’t remember a great deal about my childhood but what I do remember is Sailor Moon. I was able to get along well with my new stepsister when I was five because we shared a love for Sailor Moon. My stepsister had one of the 16in dolls, the Luna P, and a poster! I was super jealous of her but I was also happy that there was something that we both enjoyed. Even now, as adults, we can recall pretending that we, or our Barbies, were Sailor Scouts fighting against the Negaverse. I remember that in third grade I received a Sailor Venus doll for Christmas and my stepsister got a Sailor Mercury doll! We were so excited and we spent the rest of the night watching old Sailor Moon VHS tapes (which I still own) and playing with our dolls.

Needless to say, Sailor Moon will always have a place in my heart. Sailor Moon was the first female hero that I admired. She gave me my first glimpse into the world of anime. And, even if the 90s dub and art were not that great, the original anime will always serve as a nostalgia factor for me. Now that I’m older, I still love Sailor Moon enough to own the manga, re-watch old episodes, and watch Crystal.


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