Day One: All Things Toonami

~This is beautiful~ Credit to artist

My love for anime started with Cartoon Network and all of those channels that played Saturday morning cartoons. From Pokemon to Sailor Moon to Yu-Gi-Oh to Dragon Ball to Shaman King to Beyblade to Yu Yu Hakusho to Hamtaro to Ruroni Kenshin to Zoids (Both Chaotic Century & New Century) to several Gundams and all the early years of Adult Swim (Which is another list I could get into). As a child I didn’t know, and didn’t care, about anime. Everything was a cartoon to me and I loved all things animated. My brother, my sister, and I spent a large quantity of our summer days watching TV because we weren’t allowed outside by ourselves and my parents worked.

In my early years, my brother and I shared a room and the only thing we really agreed on was what channel we set our TV to—Cartoon Network. This meant a lot of Toonami and a lot of action shows, and I loved it. Pokemon was a constant source of wonder for me and I remember collecting the cards and playing the games and always, I repeat ALWAYS, losing to my brother. I could not win. But that didn’t deter me.  We would argue about which Zoids was better. I argued for Chaotic Century, my brother for New Century (I liked the female character in Chaotic; my brother liked the changing Zoids of New). I even remember how good we got at changing the channel on commercial breaks to maximize the amount of shows we watched during Saturday morning cartoons. We were pros.

When asked the question of what my first anime was I typically answer ‘Sailor Moon or Pokemon’, because it’s easy. I know I watched these things as a child and very early in life. What my real first anime is…I can’t honestly say, but trust me; it is definitely one of the above. I have a lot of early memories associated with things that turned out to be anime and I spent a large portion of 1st and 2nd grade staying up most of the night to watch Toonami and then Adult Swim.

My beginnings watching, and crying, over Sailor Moon and Pokemon (Seriously, you are heartless if Bye Bye Butterfree doesn’t make you cry) eventually led to me watching Inuyasha. And Inuyasha would eventually lead me to making one of the most important relationships of my life. Seriously. It was apparently that exciting when I was a child that it literally led to the formation of a friendship that is like 9 years old at this point. So let’s just say anime has an important impact on my life.

P.S. What was your first anime? Do you have fond memories of it? Did it lead to anything important? Let us know with a comment!


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