Day Two: Favorite Anime? I think you mean three.

Terror in Resonance:

What can I honestly say about this show? I could tell you it was about terrorists and finding meaning in life, but that would not do the show justice. In fact, I’m fairly certain there is only one thing I can say about the show that will do it justice, but I’ll save that for later. It starts out with bang and transforms into some strange mix of slice of life and a terroristic police drama, the kind where we see everything everybody does-cops and villains. And the main characters are villains. They may have moved me more than a lot of things but in the end, they are still terrorists. Still, the show took me on a ride I did not imagine would happen, or could happen in the span of 11 episodes. When the show came to a shocking end, I cried. No, seriously. I cried. For 40 minutes straight. And that is the ultimate testament I can give to the show.

Cluster Edge:

To continue my span of things that aren’t particularly happy, I chose Cluster Edge. This show isn’t very popular, nor is it that well-liked, but in my opinion deserves a lot of praise. Sure, it has its faults, but it brings up so many good points that I can’t resist naming it as one of my favorite animes. Cluster Edge is set in a world that created artificial soldiers as a way to fight wars without having to bloody their own hands. In order to make the artificial soldiers, the citizens donated their blood and that blood was used as the basis of the soldiers. Everything was good, and the people were proud of the soldiers, until the country they were fighting against figured out a way to create a biological weapon that would target only specific people; and they got the DNA to do it with from the artificial soldiers. This immediately stopped the use of the artificial soldiers, as well as their creation, but it didn’t stop the fact that there were thousands in existence that the country now has to deal with. The people’s feelings toward the artificial soldiers are something that is dealt with heavily in the show. What the story boils down to is all the reasons people shouldn’t play God and the consequences for trying.

This is a show I love to remember when I watched. I remember being on the edge of my seat was trying to figure out where it was going and what the ultimate goal of the show was. The plot does not start out telling you about the artificial soldiers, this is something that comes along with the story in many interesting details. And the characters help make the story even better. I recently purchased the DVDs and cannot wait to rewatch the series.

Oh! Edo Rocket:

If you were to ask me what I wanted in a comedy, I would tell you Oh! Edo Rocket. I’m not saying I want a show about fireworks and aliens every time, but the comedy in this show is genius. Now, I’ve never seen the Japanese version, but I would assume that version is loaded with jokes that are only really funny when you’re Japanese. So how well did this translate into English? In my opinion, perfectly. It is clear that this show has been localized, but it was done brilliantly. The jokes are on point and the story is left intact. I would even say that only about half the jokes really needed to be localized and the other half were left just as they were. All in all, Oh! Edo Rocket is a great comedy show that never lets up with the comedy, but also brings us a pretty good story and I would recommend everyone try it out. It seems really crazy at first but eventually you get used to and enjoy the ride.


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