Day Three: The Two C’s

Favorite Male Character Ever:

Chrno (Chrno Crusade):

A long time ago there was a game store, Eb Games to be exact (which is now a GameStop), and it sold DVDs. A little girl named Trystan (Ok, so I was like 13, but still) went in one day after some sort of holiday (otherwise I wouldn’t have had money) and stumbled upon the DVD collection. She bought two DVDs, .hack//Sign DVD 1 and Chrno Crusade DVD 2.

This is where I was first introduced to Chrno Crusade. I had actually heard about before this, in an ADV Films ad, but had never gotten the chance to watch it. Therefore, I was quite excited to watch it. Not surprisingly, I fell in love. It has both action and romance and, as all good shows should have, suspense. I love combinations like that. I also loved the main pair of the series — Rosette and Chrno.

Chrno is a demon who typically takes the form of a boy around the age of 12 or 13. Throughout the story he proves to be caring, gentle, and protective. I love the gentle character of Chrno. He is always trying to protect people but doesn’t necessarily want to fight with anyone. I also loved the way the anime did the interactions between him and Rosette. It felt real, like two people who didn’t expect to fall in love, but did anyway and just had to accept it.

But why does this qualify Chrno to be one of my favorite male characters of all time? Simple. Chrno would rather not have to fight at all; but he is strong and refuses to let those he cares about get hurt. I’m not particularly strong (at least not physically) and therefore this a characteristic I typically enjoy seeing, especially with someone who is as kind and caring as Chrno. Call me a typical woman if you must, but Chrno is seriously too cute for words and I loved every second of the show’s scenes spent on the bond between him and Rosette. In fact, it is that bond that makes Chrno such a good character. Rosette is not weak, by any means, but watching Chrno try to figure out how to protect her from the world, even while she’s trying to protect everyone else, is really interesting. And when they work together their bond is so obvious that it makes the anime’s ending heartbreaking.

This picture is just so pretty.

Ceylan Jones:

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Ceylan Jones. Ceylan Jones is one of the protagonists from Tenkai Knights, a kid’s show currently airing in America and Japan (and one of the few anime that had an English dub before it had a Japanese one). The first part of Tenkai Knights had way more plot than I ever saw coming when I first started the show sometime last year. I mean, seriously, it is a show that is based around Lego-like toys. Still, that didn’t deter the show from bringing some of the best characters I’ve seen in a kid’s show ever.

I had to include this because of the lime parfaits.

The characters of Tenkai Knights are amazing! They are not one dimensional and this goes for Ceylan. Ceylan is your typical class clown and reluctant hero. He does not want anything to do with the world of Quarton and is more interested in the friendship he forms with the central character, Guren. However, Ceylan is drawn into the fighting and quickly gets caught up in playing a knight. In the beginning, that is all Ceylon thinks of it as – a game. He doesn’t really believe that what is happening on Quarton will affect his world. Ceylan goes through a couple of different phases of not thinking he is good enough to be a Tenkai Knight. He looks at his teammates and sees their talents but lacks the vision to see his own and discourages himself. And this is something I love about his character. He isn’t like Guren, who has that never-give-up personality, or Chooki, who is ultimately a jock and good with strategy, or Toxsa, a gamer with a high IQ for his age. Ceylan is a kid who makes a joke out of everything and tries not to take the situation too seriously. Deep down, he probably puts more thought into it than the rest of them.

Cute fanart of Ceylan

I loved Ceylan from the first minute of the first episode. He was funny and adorable and the way him and Guren became friends, while a typical kid’s show type of thing, made sense with their personalities (it was a whole get off on the wrong foot kind of thing). Ceylan is, for me, the most relatable character of the show and his feelings of inadequacy are something I’m able to understand having felt feelings similar to that when I was growing up and masking myself in jokes (although this eventually just led me to being eternally quiet most of the time). For this reason Ceylan is one of my favorite anime characters ever and I’ll always look back on Tenkai Knights as a great show that I’m glad I randomly decided to watch on Cartoon Network one day.


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