Day 4: The Otaku Princess

Day Four: Favorite Female Anime Character

“Mom, people say that falling in love makes a girl beautiful, but does that mean she’ll stay grubby forever if she never loves anyone?” -Tsukimi Kurashita

That’s right, I chose Tsukimi Kurashita from Princess Jellyfish. Where do I even begin with the number of reasons I adore Tsukimi? Tsukimi is an average young woman with an obsession with jellyfish. She isn’t the prettiest or the smartest and at first, it seems as though her only real talent is drawing jellyfish and rattling off facts about them.

Of course, I love all the women in the series but Tsukimi is my favorite. Being the main character, she shows a decent amount of growth throughout the series. She starts out shy and unable to be anywhere near someone as fashionable and beautiful as her soon-to-be-best-friend Kuranosuke. Over time, Tsukimi becomes more open (though occasionally regressing) and earnest. She becomes more determined to protect the home of her friends and shows a great deal of talent in something if she can connect it to what she loves. In this case, that is jellyfish. Tsukimi isn’t a pretty princess of a heroine; she is frumpy and portrayed as what is believed to be unattractive. She has bushy, unrefined eyebrows, is considered overweight, and rarely wears anything but cheap sweatpants and a sweater.

I love Tsukimi because she is portrayed as an average girl – nothing special. She is a social misfit who believes herself to be ugly and unable to become beautiful.

How Tsukimi sees herself

Tsukimi proves to care about her friends frequently throughout the series by doing her best to dress up for parties and design clothing to make money to save their home. She becomes mentally stronger as she struggles with balancing on the precipice of her otaku lifestyle and the fashionable world of riches she is swept into after meeting Kuranosuke.

I can relate to Tsukimi because I am an average otaku with no special talents or looks. I have yet to find my niche (as Tsukimi does in designing) but I am passionate about the things that I love, even if not everyone enjoys these things (anime, manga, games, cosplay). Like Tsukimi, I don’t think of myself as a beautiful princess. I think of myself as just an average otaku woman. Princess Jellyfish has a place in my heart as a wonderful slice of life with a relatable main character.


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