Day 5: Oh…Great…

Day 5: Oh…Great…

There are two anime I can honestly say I am ashamed I enjoyed and both are by the same author. Oh! Great (Ogure Ito) is the author of both Tenjho Tenge and Air Gear. Both series are ecchi that I honestly did not expect to enjoy one bit.

My first introduction to Ito’s work was on Anime Network onDemand. The first five or so episodes of Air Gear were free and it looked like a fairly decent show. So, here I am with my friends on my birthday, and I turn on this show about these skates that let you ‘fly.’ The concept seemed interesting enough but, being that we were sixth graders, the nudity and skimpy outfits served to make us all embarrassed (even if the nudity was censored by crows.)

I didn’t expect to be sucked into the world of Air Gear but the unique cast of characters and smooth animation drew me in. It was a little perverted for my taste, being as young as I was, but I still found myself enjoying it a little more each time I watched it. Akito/Agito Wanijima quickly became one of my favorite characters and he kept me returning to the show. Not long after, I found myself binge-watching the anime and then reading the manga (which I never finished).

I can’t say that Air Gear is one of my favorite anime but it is definitely among my guilty pleasures. In fact, so is Ito’s other series, Tenjho Tenge.

I cannot pinpoint exactly when I was introduced to Tenjho Tenge. I believe it was also free on the Anime Network at some point and I began watching it. I found it absolutely ridiculous at first; being that I am not a huge fan of brawler anime. And I certainly couldn’t take Maya Natsume seriously as she went from looking like a small child to busting out of what could barely be considered clothing after her transformation.

Render - Natsume Maya photo NatsumeMaya1.png

Natsume Maya photo NatsumeMaya.png

Aya Natsume annoyed me at first and, in fact, she still does. She is everything I dislike in a character. She is your stereotypical “sempai notice me” character. Even so, I allowed myself to keep watching Tenjho Tenge and I found myself sucked into the storyline. I found the martial arts elements fascinating as well as the background information given about Maya and Aya’s brother. Somehow, as time went on, I was able to overlook the over-emphasized breasts and minuscule amounts of clothing. I found that, if I ignored the ecchi side of the series, it was actually pretty good.

My only real complaint is that neither of these series has a good ending nor did they ever receive a season two. Because of this, I went on to try to read the manga of both. The storylines got so ridiculous that I found myself blessed with where both anime ended. Tenjho Tenge and Air Gear are definitely guilty pleasure anime and I wouldn’t mind watching them again sometime.


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