Day Four: Princess of the Moon

It took a lot of thinking, and I came to the conclusion that Usagi Tsukino is an important character to me and the one I think deserves the spot of my favorite female character.

What to say about the one and only Sailor Moon aka Usagi Tsukino? From the time I was a child I adored the ridiculous crybaby that Usagi (or Serena) was presented as throughout the first two seasons of the original anime. As a child, I was a crybaby. Yes, really. I cried all the time, for a lot of reasons, many of them unimportant. That said, Usagi proved even crybabies could make pretty speeches and be important. Basically they could be remembered for something other than crying all the time. It was a happy thing for me. I related to Usagi’s total inability to be an adult and accept things (y’know, when they say, “Be a big kid.” Like no, I’m five. *proceeds to cry*).

When I got older, I purchased *cough* bootleg *cough* DVDs of Sailor Moon and watched S and SuperS. These series captured my attention for being both more serious and more comedic than the previous two seasons. They showed a slightly more mature Usagi (and in some ways a slightly less mature Usagi). Sailor Moon S is the first season, in my opinion, to truly show off just how caring Usagi can be. Usagi chooses to protect Hotaru based solely off of the fact that she is Chibi-usa’s friend and she was polite. That’s it. There was no deep connection, at least not to Hotaru. It would seem more likely that Usagi would want to consider what Neptune and Uranus were saying because they were Sailor Senshi, but no, Usagi almost immediately defies them to protect Hotaru and Chibi-usa. She refuses to believe there isn’t some way to resolve everything that would make everyone happy. Her determination and kindness were impressive, especially for a character that is generally shown to be a lazy slob.

Then along came Stars. I loved Stars. I loved every second of that season. This Usagi was mature. Sure, she was still a crybaby at times, she loved food, and she got bad grades. However, more often than not she was being average and not in a bad way. Most of Stars we see Usagi being the most normal she has ever been. She participates in school activities, goes out, and isn’t obsessed with a game or some food. It’s really interesting. It’s not that Usagi has just grown out of these things; it is more appropriately that she has found other things to occupy her as well. She’s growing up. And it was extremely refreshing. This version of Usagi is closest to the one we are presented with in the manga. She is a girl who is happy, friendly, and, deep down, lonely.

And this is what I love. Usagi is, at her core, a lonely person who spends the entire series trying to get away from it. We see it every season. The senshi get killed or otherwise incapacitated and Usagi sacrifices everything to save the world and bring them back because, otherwise, what would she do without them? She would have nothing without her friends and she spends almost every second trying to preserve their happy life. The Stars arc in both the anime and the manga both (despite the large differences) convey her lonely feelings. And it’s this loneliness that makes Usagi such an important character to me. I don’t know if I’d call myself a lonely person and I certainly would never use the word depressed, but something in me rings true watching Usagi struggle to overcome her loneliness and smile.

P.S. Usagi isn’t actually my favorite senshi, despite what it may seem. It’s a tie between Pluto and ChibiChibi (with Usagi in the next slot). It is interesting to note that these two are also deeply lonely characters. Pluto, who guards the space-time gate, alone, and ChibiChibi, who is Sailor Cosmos, an alternate world Sailor Moon who has lost all of her friends. There’s a pattern here, although I’m not sure what it means.

P.P.S. Who’s your favorite female character? Why? Tell us in the comments. We would love to know!


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