Day 5: The Day of Embarrassment

My choice for anime I’m ashamed I enjoyed is Blessing of the Campanella. I’m not the type that really has ‘guilty pleasure’ things. I don’t particularly get embarrassed about liking something; I just like it. But, truthfully speaking, this show would be the one I’m a little embarrassed about having enjoyed as much as I did. Blessing of the Campanella (or Shukufuku no Campanella in Japanese) is a 12 episode anime based off of an adult visual novel. This means that fanservice is a must and they do it whenever possible. Salsa literally only exists to give the most random scenes fanservice. There are ridiculously long bath scenes that serve no purpose to the story (oh yes, there actually is one) and the characters act dumb whenever the male protagonist character is around.

The story revolves around Minette, a humanoid automaton, who wakes up on the day of a local meteor shower (Tip: the meteors aren’t real, they’re made of magical energy known as El). She claims the first person that she sees as her ‘papa,’ one Leicester Maycraft. The story follows the pair and the guild they work for, Oasis. It has a slice-of-life pattern following Minette as she learns about the world, goes on quests, and makes friends. The plot comes in the form of a girl named Miriam, a sickly girl that, as it turns out, Minette is the only one who has the ability to save her.

Some, but not all, of the characters

So what made me enjoy this show? What it boils down to is that the show was fun. I’ll admit it. I don’t need a deep plot to make me enjoy a show, just a lot of fun. That said, when the characters weren’t all fawning over Leicester (who didn’t even want their attention) they were pretty good characters. None that are outstanding, but good nonetheless. And thankfully, Minette, the main character is cute and nice. Once the story kicks in things get tense. Thankfully, the show takes itself seriously here and cuts out most of the nonsense from the rest of the episodes. The story may not be complicated but it is pretty good and moves the characters along to answer all the questions the audience has. If it wasn’t for the overuse of fanservice throughout the first eight episodes, I would think more highly of the show. As it is now though, it is a pretty good fantasy, slice-of-life with quite a few embarrassing fanservice scenes.

The Sacred Knight outfits would be so cool to cosplay.

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