Day 6: The Unkown (AKB0048 & Princess Tutu)

*Sorry this is late, I had a late night yesterday and completely forgot about my post*

If you were to ask me what shows I was interested in watching I would probably blankly stare at you and basically say everything. I find things from most genres entertaining and am always interested in a lot of shows. However that doesn’t mean I end up watching things. I am notoriously lazy (take for consideration the lateness of this post). There are still things that I want to see more and more as the days go on and that look better every time I see them or clips. One such show is Kids on the Slope, but Alyssa already covered that show and we basically share the same reasons for wanting to see it.

AKB0048: Idols in space? Yes please.

This is a show about a rogue idol group traveling the universe trying to bring music back to the people. I have no idea if it’s really as good as the plot makes it sound, but seriously, idols in space. I will always say yes. I wish I had had the money to buy the DVDs when I purchased anime last, but there were several other things that had higher priority, so, unfortunately I wasn’t able to buy it and it will probably take awhile before i get to. Thankfully that will only increase my excitement to watch it and I hope it proves to be good.

Princess Tutu:

It’s about a duck that turns into a person and does ballet. Yeah, there’s more to it, supposedly a lot more and I can’t wait to watch the show. This show is a magical girl and therefore it gains my interest immediately, but ballet is another thing I find extermely interesting and I can’t wait to see how it effects the story.

In my recent purchases I did get Princess Tutu, so I will probably get around to watching it soon, hopefully after my rewatch of Kino’s Journey. I’m looking forward to the story and all the beautiful dance scenes I’ve seen in AMVs. I’m a sucker for magical girl animes and I will love to add it to the list of them I’ve seen.

What anime are you guys looking forward to? Please tell us in the comments!


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