Day 7: I can’t handle my own feelings

The question of anime crush led me straight back to my days as a middle school student. I cannot deny it. I love Toshiro Hitsugaya. Call me crazy. Agree with me. It is all the same. I have loved this character since he first showed up in the Bleach anime and, though I have not completed, intend to watch all of the Bleach anime solely for him.

I don’t have to explain myself, this image will do it for me.

If you ask me why I like Hitsugaya it is a pretty hard question to answer. He’s my type, I guess? Ok, so maybe I have a thing for guys who are generally mean but caring. I can’t help that. We all have our quirks, yeah? Also I happen to find him adorable. I mean seriously, look at him. I don’t want to sound too much like a ridiculous girl, but I can’t help it. I quite like his design and in general enjoy characters with white hair. I think his interactions with people are quite interesting and the way he inadvertently lets his emotions out is something I enjoy watching. He doesn’t say everything, but then, I don’t think that that is always necessary.

Look at him, he doesn’t care about anything you have to say.

To be honest, Bleach has a pretty good cast of characters, but ask my friends from back when we watched Bleach on Adult Swim and they can tell you that I have always thought Hitsugaya was the best. Also, I love his Bankai. It’s an ice dragon and it totally matches his fierce personality. He’s brash, he’s ridiculous, but he’s also a hard worker and I respect that.

Look at this thing. It’s amazing.

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