Day 7 – More Like ‘Crush My Heart Because You Aren’t Real”

Day 7 — Anime Crush
Day 7 goes to Makoto Tachibana from Free! Hands down. No contest.

Makoto is a kind, caring individual who seems to have borderline paternal instincts when it comes to his friends. This nurturing state may be due to the fact that he has two younger siblings. Makoto has also proved to be good with children (seen in Free! Eternal Summer). And as an added bonus — Makoto manages to be sexy and adorable all at the same time!

Makoto, depicted as the tallest of the Free! cast at 6ft, is muscular with light brown hair and green eyes. Makoto, being as muscular and tall as he is, is not someone I would normally go for. But who can resist this sweet, backstroke swimmer. Makoto’s determination to improve himself as a swimmer, and as a young adult is seen frequently throughout the two series.

Makoto doesn’t get any less adorable throughout the series. He is only seen to lash out once, at his best friend Haruka, for not thinking about the future. Despite his timid nature, Makoto is not afraid to gently scold his friends when they do wrong. Makoto is afraid of ghosts. He also has a fear of the ocean, stemming from a traumatic even in his childhood. Even so, when his friend almost drowns in the ocean during a storm, Makoto leaps right in without a second thought.

Makoto after trying to save Rei

Lastly, I adore Makoto’s voice. Makoto’s voice is expressive at times, ranging from a firm tone to a soft, gentle affection, to a loud bout of encouragement. Makoto’s voice helps show who he is; its sweet and calming with a sort of sensual charm to it.

I love Makoto for all of his strengths, mentally and physically. I adore how Makoto would do anything for the ones he cares about. If Makoto Tachibana were a real friend, I would be satisfied with just being his friend.


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