An Apology and An Announcement

By Alyssa

I am truly very sorry that there has been a delay in our posts. Both Trystan and I have been buried in college papers and projects. We are trying our best to post on time but there will be occasions (hopefully not many) where we are not going to be able to post on time. I apologize for this recent problem and any future hiccups that may occur.

I also apologize to our followers (we appreciate all of you) and Trystan as I have not been proofreading her posts before they go up. My apartment just got painted and new carpet and flooring. I am still unpacking everything and trying to get my life back on track. So again, my apologies. Hopefully I will get my life back together soon.

So, now that the apologies have been given…its time for an announcement! (cheering and whooping)

Trystan’s birthday is on Monday! YAY! How cool, right? It’s not everyday that you get to celebrate the birth of your best friend. Well, actually, I do. But I still think it is pretty cool to have a fall birthday so close to Halloween. And I am also thankful for her birth.
And that’s where I am going to end this post before is turns sappy (ew).

Happy (early) Birthday!!!


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