Day 8: The Nun and the Devil

Note: I am yet again apologizing for a late post. I am so, so sorry.

I could probably write a chapter book about why I love Chrono and Rosette from Chrno Crusade. They are my ultimate couple. There are so many ways in which I adore them – as individual characters and as a couple.

I first dipped my toes into the water of Chrno Crusade in seventh or eighth grade, maybe earlier, on SHOwtime Beyond. During that time, Beyond aired Reign the Conquerer, Chrno Crusade, and Peacemaker Kurogane. My mom was flipping through the channels and we landed upon this show with dark art, an attractive demon, and a beautiful nun. My sister’s boyfriend at the time, tried convincing us the show was garbage so we kept it on the channel anyway. I was intrigued by the action in Episode 3, my first episode, and I fell in love with it instantly.

Impulsive, rebellious, and stubborn – Rosette Christopher is the complete opposite of her gentle demon partner, Chrono. Rosette is headstrong, one-track-minded, and energetic; however, Rosette can be seen as selfless and optimistic. Chrono is rarely angered, calculating, kind, and blames himself for the harm caused to those around him. In some ways, Chrono and Rosette are similar but outwardly, they are very different.

The manga and anime for Chrono Crusade differ greatly with the exception of one thing – the affectionate bond Rosette and Chrono share. Chrono is consistently concerned with releasing his demonic form and taking life away from his contractor, Rosette. Rosette, on the other hand, is willing to throw her life away, even if it means not living until thirty, just so she can accomplish her goal of saving her brother. Chrono and Rosette share a bond that goes deeper than that of a demon and his contractor. This may be because Rosette is the reincarnation of Chrono’s first true love, Mary Magdelene. Even so, Rosette is far different from Magdelene in personality and Chrono still loves her.


At the end of the anime series, Chrono is severely wounded in battle. However, instead of using up what little bit of life Rosette has left, he chooses to die with her. The two are seen together on a porch swing, looking peaceful as they hold hands in death.

This, to me, was heart-wrenching. I had seen the last episode before school and it was the first anime to make me cry. I loved Chrono, I loved Rosette and I loved them as a couple. That being said, it nearly killed me to see headstrong Rosette, only sixteen years of age, crying because she was afraid to die. And Chrono, sweet and loving, chose to die with the woman he loved because he knew that he couldn’t bear to lose anyone else.

Chrono Crusade will forever be in my top 20 list of anime. And Chrono and Rosette will forever have a place in my heart.


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