Day 9: The most villainous villain Vilius

I feel like Vilius is, on purpose, a very stereotypical villain. And maybe that’s why at first I want describe me the way you often see older, more classic villains described. “They let their underlings do all the work, but when they get serious…oh man, you better watch out!” But that I feel would be rude to Vilius, because he isn’t just some stereotypical villain even though that’s what he’s modeled after.

Vilius, whose name is very obviously derived from the word villain, is the enemy in the show Tenkai Knights, which you may remember from when I named one of the characters, Ceylan Jones, as my favorite male anime character. In the history of the planet Quarton you find out that there were originally five Tenkai Knights, the fifth being Vilius. However sometime in the past (though I don’t really get how time flows here) Vilius betrayed the knights and imprisoned them. (You know, he’s got to live up to his name) Vilius then started his takeover of Quarton, which he has yet to complete at the start of the series. Vilius’ reason behind his betrayal of the Tenkai Knights isn’t really explained. He seems to think that their do-good logic is pointless and this is really the only reasoning we get in the series.

Unlike most villains it is quite common for Vilius to come out and actually fight the Tenkai Knights. And I think this is one of the things I like most. Vilius tends to leave menial work up to his subordinates until the Tenkai Knights continually show up and then he walks out, destroys them, and then continues on with whatever he was doing. Oh and don’t forget the sassy dialogue he gives as he does anything. One of the best things about Vilius is that his voice actor is Crispin Freeman. Crispin Freeman uses this impeccably deep voice for Vilius that is the perfect amount of rage to the best amount of sass that you could hope for in a villain.

I said Vilius isn’t a stereotypical villain, but maybe I’m wrong. There is no deeper meaning behind his desire to take over Quarton, and eventually Earth, he leaves all his work up to his subordinates, most of which are stupid, and he proves to be way stronger than the main characters and then gets beaten in the next few episodes. So why do I insist he isn’t completely stereotypical? Dromus. Dromus is not quite a lackey of Vilius; he is much closer to a partner than that, but still not equal to Vilius. Vilius proves he is smart by forming an alliance with Dromus and using Dromus’ abilities (both in fighting and strategy) to better his cause. Dromus intends to backstab Vilius after he tricks the Tenkai Knights into doing everything he wants, but in the end, even Dromus gets betrayed by Vilius. It may, like all other kids shows, end with Vilius being defeated, but it proves, to me at least, that Vilius is much smarter than your average villain. And when you mix all of that together you have my personal favorite villain.

Just for the record, they make Tenkai Knights toys

P.S. I would like to say that a runner up to this has to be the Blue from Blue Gender. Those giant bug monsters still give me nightmares. They scared the crap out of me when I was a child and honestly the reason for their existence is ridiculous. I won’t spoil it and it isn’t really a huge surprise, but it does have some really interesting implications.


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