First Impressions: Fruit of Grisaia Ep. 1

Maybe I’m being to nice on the show…

The Fruit of Grisaia is a show whose plot I have no idea of, if there is a plot at all. The show starts off with a pretty interesting scene with a falling apple and some foreboding dialogue. It then skips to the main character being interrogated by the police. And boy, is he more attractive than I figured he would be based off of the plot description. (Seriously, check it out, it’s kinda average). And he, himself, proves to be an interesting character. Meet Yuuji Kazami who is apathetic and blunt and…apparently owns pistols? Don’t worry he “didn’t pack one,” to quote him directly. Now his past is as vague as this show’s plot but indefinitely more interesting. In fact, can we just ignore the girls of this show and only focus on Yuuji? I would be okay with that.

As with all harem shows, or shows based off of adult visual novels, the first episode is a run through of all the female characters we expect to see. There are five girls: Michiru, Amane, Sachi, Makina, and Yumiko. They all seem to have their little quirks, but the quirkiest of all is Yumiko who takes a box cutter and attacks Yuuji. Yep. That’s a thing. She just attacks him after he introduces himself, no explanation given and apparently none required. Yuuji remains confused but goes on with his life.

I must say that this was a pretty interesting first episode. The main character looks promising, not every girl looks to be extremely annoying, and the art is good. I will say that the entire show felt like one big game cut scene. Part of it is the art, but it is also the black bars that were on the top and bottom of the show. This gave the anime and extra interesting feel. The turn-offs of the episode, though, are as follows: having to see Yuuji’s ass, 3 times, and 5 panty shots. I counted. Yep, just everywhere you look panty shots. Oh and just so you know Amane is shirtless near the end. It’s censored, yes, but it does happen and Yuuji, to his credit, ignores it.

Overall I would give this first episode a 3.5/5.


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