Gugure! Kokkuri-san episode 2

Note: I am using gender neutral pronouns for Inugami.

I’d like to start this review with more apologies…I am sorry this is so late. We’ve been super busy. I will try to post at least one more Kokkuri-san review soon.

I was really quite surprised that what I thought to be the ending them turned out to be the opening. However, I cannot complain because I love “Welcome! Disco” so much. I love the animation, I love the singing; I just love it so, so much!

The evil spirit finally shows his true nature…by wanting Kohina to smile. Yes, that’s right everyone! A smile is, after all, the first step to becoming a real human! Out of love, and a concern that Kohina is being bullied or won’t become a capable member of society, Kokkuri-san becomes insistent on making Kohina smile. When Kohina pretends to ignore and not believe in Kokkuri-san (if he isn’t believed in, he will disappear), she succeeds in changing the subject.

As time goes on, Kohina becomes concerned that if she doesn’t smile, Kokkuri-san will stop liking her. The episode takes a heart-meltingly adorable turn when Kokkuri holds Kohina’s hand and assures her that he will always like her. For me, it is hard to decide whether Kokkuri has extreme paternal instincts over Kohina or if he loves in a romantic sense – which I try not to consider because she’s an elementary schooler.!%2BKokkuri-san%2B-%2B02.jpg

Next, we see Inugami-san carrying their ‘home’ – an orange box – around and moving closer to Kohina’s home. For those who do not follow Japanese lore, an inugami is the spirit of a dog that has been decapitated to generally place a curse on someone. Thus, when Inugami comes into their home, Kokkuri-san is very displeased. Inugami’s unhealthy obsession with Kohina, claiming that it is love, is deemed to be rather weird and they try to ignore their new house guest.

A bunch of wacky things happen throughout the episode and we discover that Inugami can change their gender because doesn’t remember their gender from before they died. Inugami is a determined to win Kohina’s love so much that they assume the form of a female to try and sneak into her bath and sleep beside her. Just when we thought Kokkuri was a pervert, Inugami shows up and makes Kokkuri look like a saint. A bad ass battle is interrupted by Kohina petting a cat and the two canine souls are able to bond momentarily by a mutual hatred of felines.


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