Day 11: Yuji if you don’t get in the robot…

To be honest, I haven’t seen a lot of Mech anime completely. There was a point in my childhood filled with Gundam shows, Zoids, and the like, but I’ve never seen any of those shows all the way through. However, out of what mech anime I have completed (which is little, sadly, especially since I like the genre) I would consider my favorite mech to be Blue Gender.

Blue Gender is a show about a boy, Yuji Kaido, who wakes from a cryogenic sleep. Lucky for him, he awakens in the middle of a battle between these giant bug monsters, known as Blue, and people fighting in giant robots. He spends the large part of the first series being the kind of person who uses their fear (although the fear of the Blue is legitimate) to stop themselves from reaching their potential, although he mans up later in the series.

Seriously, look at this monster, it’s terrifying

Blue Gender takes several turns in the plot that makes it a really interesting show to me. There are subplots that relate to politics (and not in a boring way) as well as being a coming of age (or stop being a pansy and get in the god d*mn robot Yuji) and mix in the bugs as well as some psychological stuff it turns out to be good run. You would think that with all of these types of things it would make the story complicated but it’s really not. It’s easy to understand and the fights look pretty good for a show made between 1999-2000. That’s one thing I really like about it. The art is gritty, which matches the post-apocalyptic Earth that is the setting, and the robots look believable. They even have two kinds: one that a single person pilots and is faster and one that is piloted by two people and is often seen doing heavy lifting. That little variety is nice in a sea of mech anime.

Blue Gender is my favorite mech anime because it has a diverse plot and good action scenes. I don’t think I would ever say the show was boring. Something was always happening and I never thought it was out-of-place. However, the show isn’t for everyone as it has a lot of sex scenes (although they are mostly in the background and it can be really awkward). That said, I still really enjoyed the show, even when I watched it with my brother (which made those scenes really weird). In fact, watching it with my brother was really fun because we got to talk about and explore the concepts that the show was giving us. It made for good conversations – and lots of jokes.


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