Day 12 — A Punch in the Face

Day 12 – Favorite Scene

I can’t particularly pick a favorite scene from all of the anime I’ve seen. It took a good deal of thinking to decide on what scene I wanted to mention. After much deliberation, I chose a particular scene from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Shunraiki (Spring Thunder).

Let me begin by saying that I adore Tsubasa (not the anime so much as the manga and the OVAs). And naturally, my favorite characters are Kurogane and Fai. I love the way they interact, I love their bond (whether you want to review it as romantic or platonic), and I adore the changes each of them make as the series goes on.

Fai starts out as a fairly innocent, matronly character with a kind smile and a large heart. He laughs and smiles and he’s always willing to throw his life on the line for his friends. Overtime, we learn that Fai’s smile is a façade for the pain he hides in his heart and that he has no appreciation for his own life. This, of course, changes more after Kurogane saves his life (or rather, forces him to live), punches him, and lectures him about not giving his life away so easily.

Kurogane, on the other hand, is a brash young man with a violent temper and a quest for strength. He cares little about others in the beginning, or at least, he pretends to be apathetic. In time, it is stated that the one who worries the most for the group is Kurogane. Kurogane, in Shunraiki, sacrifices his arm to save Fai’s life and nearly bleeds to death.

This leads into my favorite scene in Tsubasa. After Kurogane wakes up from his injuries, Fai turns the tables by punching Kurogane hard. Fai scolds Kurogane for nearly giving his life away.

I enjoy this scene because we see a more sadistic side of the mild-mannered Fai; we see a shocked side of the ever-so-collected ninja, Kurogane. This scene, to me, shows the influence of Fai on Kurogane and vice versa. It proves how deep their bond runs that Fai has become comfortable enough to smack Kurogane.


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