Day 13 — If I Were an Anime Character

Day 13 – Anime Character You Are Most Like

Haha. This, to me, is one of the most difficult days yet. It takes a lot of introspection to decide what characters you are most like and it’s impossible to choose just one character – so I chose three!

I believe the first character I am fairly similar to is Aiichirou Nitori from Free! Nitori and I are similar in a few ways. To begin with the basics, I’d should point out that we both like dogs, have asthma, blue eyes, a mole under one eye (though mine is on the opposite side), and both of us try really hard at things we aren’t good at. In Free! Eternal Summer you get to see a new side of Nitori. He pushes himself incredibly hard in order to be in the relay with his friends, who are extremely important to him. This may just be my interpretation, but to me, Nitori seems like a lonely individual. He clings to the few friends he seems to have, but he isn’t horribly disliked by anyone. I’m not really sure if Nitori has any dreams other than to get to be with his friends. And, I am about to be extremely sentimental but, I feel the same way about Trystan. I can go anywhere in life, but only if Trystan is there. Nitori admires Rin for his talent and wants to stay by his side, and likewise, I admire Trystan for how smart she is (and her awesome hair) and I can’t imagine not being friends with her!

(When I make Trystan mad)

Next we move on to Tsukimi Kurashita from Princess Jellyfish. I’ve mentioned her before, as my favorite female character, partially because I see a lot of myself in her. I am just an average otaku girl. However, I am not a jellyfish otaku; I’m more of an anime and manga fan. I’m not astoundingly outgoing nor do I do well near ‘popular’ or ‘fashionable’ types. I think Tsukimi most portrays my nerdy and socially awkward side and that’s why I bond with her so much! In the beginning of the series, Tsukimi doesn’t want to change into anything special; she just wants to sit at home, in her sweatpants, and draw. However, as the series goes on, it is proven that Tsukimi will step outside her comfort zone if it means saving the home of herself and her friends.

The third character I have chosen is Fai D. Flourite from the Tsubasa series. Fai and I have very differing pasts but we both share a certain bad habit – hiding our pain behind a smile. When we first see Fai, he is constantly smiling, polite, and well-mannered. When I first meet people, I portray a particular happy and polite image. When I am upset or angry, especially with or around people I care about, I often hide it behind a smile. I’m not the type to cry in front of people; and neither is Fai. Fai is the first character I connected with emotionally because of how much he hides. When I first found Tsubasa, I was in a bad point in my life where I constantly hid my emotions. When I learned about Fai’s past, I cried for the first time in a long time. There was just this seemingly happy character, who, like me, was afraid to let people know when he was upset. And like Fai and Kurogane, I had one friend (can you guess who) who was able to see through it all and told me that it was okay to show my emotions. Similar to Fai, it took me some time to adjust to showing my emotions, but in time, I mostly outgrew that habit of hiding them.

 photo fai-1.png


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