One Month Anniversary!

Hello everybody! I would just like to say that today is the one month anniversary of the start of the Entertainment Review Project blog! Exciting isn’t it?

I’m personally proud of Alyssa and I because we managed to keep this blog alive for a month and not just let it turn into another failed idea and I hope to share many more months (and years) with you guys.

As it stands our WordPress blog has 7 followers and our Tumblr has 5 and, quite frankly, I’m surprised we have any followers at all. So, thank you! Thank each and every one of you! I’m grateful that you took the time to read a single one of our posts and actually think we deserve a follow. After we finish our 30 days of Anime we will become more active and branch out what we do a little, so keep that in mind.

Things we hope to do in the future:

Cover manga

Have more discussions with everyone

Top 5

So please stick with us into the future and hopefully we will be able to experience these things together!

P.S. One last thank you, because I’m not sure I’ve made my gratitude clear enough!


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