Day 13: Anxious & Spoiled: Cure Princess

I had a hard time picking a character I’m most similar to. I feel like this is more something someone else should pick, not me. With the decision left in my hands, however, I went more for a character I really connect to. That said the character is from a currently airing show, one I’m quite a few episodes behind on, but the connection is still there and I’m going to share it anyway. (I do intend to update the post once the show has finished airing and I finish watching it).

Shirayuki Hime/Cure Princess – Happiness Charge Precure

In the newest edition to the Pretty Cure franchise we are introduced to the rather shy, very fashionable, and most definitely spoiled Cure Princess. Known as the weakest Cure the world round, Hime has never defeated a single monster at the beginning of the show, even though she has been a Cure for the entire duration of the enemy’s current attack (Though precisely how long that is isn’t known, though I’ll assume several months based on certain story elements).

I can tell you the reason I identify with Hime is not because she’s fashionable. That’s just a coincidence really. (And kinda funny considering my favorite character from Heartcatch was Erika, who was also fashionable, though had a very different personality.) Hime is often depicted as being shy, and I mean social anxiety shy. You should see her when Blue tells her she has to go to school. She literally gets under their couch. However Hime immediately perks up at the mention of making friends and it isn’t until she actually gets to school that she realizes she has to talk to people to make friends. I understand this situation extremely well. I don’t have very many friends, but not because I’m a difficult person. I get along with most people I meet, but I have a hard time talking and connecting with people and then actually keeping up communications with them? Even worse. Graduating high school has done nothing for my friendships and going to online college is even worse. I understand the anxiety associated with talking to people, to make a friend or not. I had to go sign up for spring classes today and spent the entire 30 minute ride to campus panicking, even though I wasn’t worried about it. (For the record my anxiety manifests in one of two ways: stomach pain or chest pain. Today was chest pain.)

Hime’s first day of school

But honestly this isn’t the only reason I connect with Hime. Hime is also a spoiled brat. At the beginning of the series there are several episodes that focus on teaching her some sort of lesson about being nicer or more appreciative (I mean, it IS a kid’s show after all). And honestly, I connect with this. I’m not bad now, but as a kid I was horrible. I was never bad at school or anything, but at home or just with my family, even out in public? I was bad. I wanted what I wanted, no matter what. And one thing you will always hear my mom talk about form when I was little was the fits I threw. No one could hold a candle to the loudness of my screeches. Trust me, I can only yell in screeches, even now. One story my mom will tell is one time, in a Kohl’s, my mom took us all the way to the back of the store to use the restroom. My mom’s friend was with us, waiting at the front of the store and mind you this was an average size shopping store so it wasn’t small. I was throwing some kind of fit, no one knows why, and even at the very back of the store my mom’s friend could hear my screams.

I have since grown out of my ‘spoiled’ phase, but I instantly connected with Hime as she honestly, and sincerely, tried to change herself. She tries constantly to become more independent and I respect that, because that’s something I’ve had to do in my life. There are several more reasons I could list, because really I find her extremely relatable, but I feel it would go on too long so I’ll condense it. Hime tends to be happy most of the time, even though she may not be optimistic, and as the series goes on she ignores her fears and instead chooses to fight the bad guys. I wouldn’t claim myself to be optimistic, but on most days I’m a happy person. It’s something I grew into and can’t figure out where it comes from. This is the part of me I had trouble placing in a character but found it easy to do with Hime. I also think it is important to work despite your fears, though I often complain when I have to do something I don’t like or am afraid to do. Still, I find Hime a close fit to me and my personality, and even though this may not be a perfect match, I believe it is a good fit.

I think it is important to find characters that represent us as we are now, but also as we have been. HIme’s spoiled tendencies remind me of how I used to be and her effort to improve herself is admirable.What character/s do you find most relatable?


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