Day 14 — Get it Back!

Day 14 – Anime You Can Watch Over and Over Without Getting Sick Of

I’ll start this post with an honest statement: there aren’t a lot of anime series I have re-watched. There are plenty I would like to re-watch but only one or two that I have seen multiple times. And, unfortunately, after say…the fifth time of watching Angel Beats, it lost its charm for me.

However, some things do not lose their charm. And while I haven’t re-watched the series all the way through on multiple occasions, I tend to watch key episodes of this series. What is this series you may ask? Well, it’s Getbackers, of course! I have seen Getbackers all the way through at least twice and I have watched my favorite episodes quite a few times.

(This is official art. I swear this isn’t a BL)

Known as the Getbackers, Ginji Amano and Ban Midou have a near 100% success rate on retrieving missing or stolen items or people. Ginji, known as the Lightning Emperor, and Ban, the Man with the Evil Eye, are enthusiastic and hard-working. Even so, despite their high success rate, they are always broke. Why? Because no matter where they go, they leave a path of destruction in their wake that they always have to pay for.

In the beginning, Getbackers starts off as a silly show with smaller arcs that lead into the bigger plot. Despite this bigger plot, Getbackers is chalk full of comedy gold. Getbackers has an interesting cast of characters that range from Hevn the busty negotiator, Kazuki the effeminate Prince of Fear, to the super creepy transporter, Kuroudo Akabane (Jeez he creeps me out). Almost every character in Getbackers, at some point or another, becomes the butt of a joke. Most people wouldn’t expect Getbackers to have a plot, and yet, it does! Getbackers does an excellent job of balancing out the two major arcs (one per season) with comedic episodes that are not always filler.

One thing that I enjoyed about Getbackers is the amount of time that each of the supporting and main characters got. Fourty-nine episodes may seem like a lot but between the comedy, plot, and interesting art in Getbackers, it kept me interested and enjoyed it greatly. Where there smaller arcs that I would rather not watch again? Sure but there are plenty more episodes that I enjoyed re-watching.

(Kazuki and Juubei – Yes they are both men)

One episode in particular is the hot springs episode (ep 26) in season 2 of Getbackers. In this episode, Ban and Ginji travel to a hot springs to recover a stolen ring. Deciding to stake out the ladies’ bath, Ban and Ginji begin spying on a young “woman” who is bathing. Much to their dismay, this beauty ends up being Kazuki Fuuchouin, who has traveled to the hot springs to help Juubei Kakei heal his blindness. Juubei, sowing a more vulnerable side, ends up asking Ginji to train him in the mountains. However, we then find out that Juubei doesn’t want training in combat but in his sense of humor (or lack thereof). A lot of whacky things happen in season two, including an episode where Kazuki is mistaken (again) for a woman and is dressed in a nurse’s uniform at a hospital.

 photo back436qx2.jpg

For whatever reason, a lot of the episodes I enjoy re-watching are in season two. Most of these episodes revolve around Juubei and Kazuki, my two favorite characters in the series. The main reason I enjoy watching these episodes is because they make me feel good and bring back fond memories of watching this in middle school.

I think there are a number of reasons why people like to re-watch anime series. Some people watch an anime over again for nostalgia, others because they need their memory refreshed. I tend to lean towards re-watching shows like Saiyuki, Sailor Moon, and Getbackers that bring me nostalgia and make me smile.


2 thoughts on “Day 14 — Get it Back!

    1. All of the episodes are recommendations, haha! I really love the series and there are a lot of great characters. Episode 26 is the hot springs episode, episode 39 is the nurse episode. I highly recommend watching the series in its entirety though, even if it’s just for Juubei and Kazuki


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