Day 14: It’s kinda like watching Law and Order

Ah, anime that gets old no matter how many times you watch it. This was, like I say every day, a hard category, but not like the others. This category was hard because, despite how much I want to rewatch shows, I rarely find myself watching something a second, or even, a third time. However, I was able to identify a series that I love to watch episodes of no matter how many times I’ve seen it. This show is Hell Girl.

Also this show has pretty art

I may have only seen the first season of Hell Girl (which I truly intend to remedy, I even own most of the DVDs) but it’s rewatch factor is high for me. Hell Girl is the type of show you can watch any random episode and not really be too lost. I tend to think of it like watching an episode of Law and Order: SVU (Or Criminal Intent, the original, or even UK, if you are so inclined). There may be plot points you don’t quite get, but they do not detract from the episode or the enjoyment you get out of it even though you’ve seen it 7 times before.

Each episode in Hell Girl follows the same basic format: someone gets hurt, they call Ai, and they make a contract to send someone to hell. It may seem predictable but the outcome is always different. Sometimes the person gets exactly what they want and sometimes they find out they did everything for absolutely nothing. The variety is what makes this show interesting and I enjoy a good mystery. Despite this shows episodic nature, it does have a plot. The plot builds up slowly throughout the entire series and is a tad surprising the way the show brings everything together.

All-in-all I think Hell Girl is an enjoyable show that has a lot to offer upon rewatching it, and is definitely good show to watch with friends. Hell Girl brings up an interesting topic: what would cause you to banish someone, and yourself, to Hell?


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