Day 15 – Cerberus the Guardian

If I had to choose one animal sidekick that I absolutely adore in anime it would have to be Keroberos from Cardcaptor Sakura. I can remember watching Cardcaptors (as it is called in English) from a time before I knew what anime was.

I have, from the time I was young, loved Kero-chan. Keroberos or Cerberus is one of the guardians of the Clow Cards. In his sealed form, he looks like a small stuffed animal. Kero’s true form is that of a large lion clad in armor. Kero is both adorable and beautiful depending on the form he assumes.

There are aspects other than Kero’s appearance that I enjoy. One of my favorite things about Kero is how sassy and gluttonous he is. Kero is almost always seen eating or begging for food. And while he is a big, bad guardian, he is extremely lazy. Kero is often depicted playing video games in Sakura’s room and bossing her around. However, Kero is not completely selfish, he will share food with others so long as there is enough for him.

For something that looks like a stuffed toy, Kero is extremely powerful and intelligent. He has also proven to care deeply about Sakura. Kero is a good friend and mentor to Sakura, despite his constant complaining.

Overall, I like Kero because he is a pretty powerful guardian and caring comrade. Despite this, he shows a genuine personality of being lazy and selfish and yet, still caring for Sakura and others. Kero, to me, goes beyond being just a normal animal sidekick. Kero is a kind and watchful guardian to Sakura with a realistic personality. Another bonus is that Kero’s sealed form is cute! Kero is one of my favorite parts of Cardcaptor Sakura because he always brings comedy to the table and brightens the mood. Also, I love his Osakan accent in Japanese.


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