Day 15: Flappy is Love, Flappy is Life

Where do I begin? I love mascot characters. In all their forms they’re pretty fun and add a lot to a show when used properly. An example of a mascot character being extremely important would be Kyubey from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. But Kyubey is not even remotely close to my favorite mascot character; in fact I hate Kyubey (his voice also freaks me out a little). A personal favorite of mine is Keroberos from Cardcaptor Sakura, but I chose a different character to focus on for today’s post.

Flappy from Futari wa Pretty Cure: Splash Star. Flappy is a flower fairy who gives Saki the ability to transform into Cure Bloom. He is pretty rambunctious, often fights with Saki, and, hilariously, has a crush on his mascot counterpart Choppy. Choppy, a bird fairy, is the quiet girl type who, for the most part, gets along with her partner Mai. Flappy attempts the entire series to tell Choppy he likes her but Choppy remains ignorant of any feelings Flappy might have. It may just be comedic relief for the show (even though the show isn’t particular serious most of the time) but I like the depth it gives Flappy. Most mascot characters are just that, a mascot. You see them doing pointless things that don’t give them depth and maybe we learn what their favorite food is (For the record, Flappy enjoys rice and rice based things). However a lot of Pretty Cure mascots (but mind you NOT all of them) have more personality than other series. Luna, from Sailor Moon, spends the first couple seasons as a relatively unimportant character. Her job is to guide Sailor Moon and aside from a scene with Queen Serenity you learn nothing about her. It isn’t until SuperS (Or I guess Hearts on Ice) that we get real development for her with the introduction of Diana.However, I enjoy that Flappy, even while trying to save his home world and Earth, gets a personality and even a crush. It makes us realize that these characters have lives too and at the end will probably go back to their own world or original state of being.

A rather deflated Flappy

To summarize, Flappy is my current favorite mascot character because: A) He’s cute B) He has a fun personality C) I like his character development (It’s implied at the very end that he confesses to Choppy) and D) There are many sides to Flappy’s character, he’s definitely not flat (From selfish to caretaker to friend).


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