Laughing Under the Clouds Ep. 2: “I thought poop would make everything ok…”

This week's Chutaro~
This week’s Chutaro~

“but all it did was make him more made at me.”

Ah, episode 2. This episode gives us our first view of the opening. I enjoyed the beginning animation; it was unique and gave the opening an interesting field. The song, however, was a little lackluster. It reminds me of those openings that you like once you’ve seen a show because it brings back good memories of when you watched it. The song isn’t bad, but we’ll see if it grows on me.

This episode was again one where they blend comedy and seriousness and as long as the plot progresses each episode, I’m perfectly content with this. I love the fact that the second episode wasn’t just filler as it is in a lot of shows nowadays. This episode gives us more questions, more fights scenes, and some pretty cool looking military characters. That said, Chutaro is still my favorite character.

As for the broadcast dub I’m still getting used to it. Most of the voice cast is growing one me (minus Shirasu, whose voice is still too deep) and I’m really enjoying the comedy aspects of the show in English. However they are still making some strange changes in dialogue that I don’t like. There are a couple this episode but the truly notable one is during the fight between Shirasu and the ‘god-killer’. The changes made to Shirasu’s speech made the word on the screen pointless because Shirasu’s dialogue didn’t explain the reason for it. This bugged me, especially because I watched the Japanese version before I watched the English. This is the one true stickler I have about the English dub. I would prefer the dialogue to be a little closer to the original.

Overall this episode was great. It kept me interested in the show and presented us with part of Tenka’s past. And Tenka’s past happens to include a very interesting group of military individuals. We also learn a little about the Orochi (basically just the name and that Tenka’s looking for it). The mention of the Orochi gives way to the fact that Tenka is hiding things from Soramaru and Chutaro and I feel that will backfire on him later in the series. I’m personally looking forward to next week and the next episode.

Rating: 4.5/5


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