Day 17 — The Prince of Fear and The Determined Duckling

Ask me to pick my favorite supporting male character in an anime, and I will never be able to pick just one. So of course, I picked two! I always tend to gravitate towards supporting characters. Have you ever gone to a play or school musical because your friend was in it, even if they were not playing any main character? Even if your friend has no speaking parts, you are still excited and proud when they come on stage. Loving a supporting character is like that. For me, specifically, my love of Kazuki Fuuchouin (Getbackers) and Aiichirou Nitori (Free) is very strong.

I’m not sure why I immediately fell in love with Kazuki but there are quite a few reasons that I love him. The first reason is that Kazuki is beautiful. He is one of the prettiest men in a shonen anime that I have ever seen. I also adore Kazuki because he’s smart, calculating, and a talented fighter.

Kazuki, once known as The Prince of Fear, or Thread Master Kazuki is a kind and naïve individual. However, when he is angered he is fearsome and cold. Kazuki is one of my favorite characters probably because of all of the gags he is involved in. He is the butt of many woman or gay jokes and yet, he still remains prideful. Kazuki is elegant, charming, and respected by many of his friends. Kazuki is also devoted to his friends and companions, going out of his way to try and get his dear friend Juubei’s eyesight back after their battle in the first season.

My other favorite secondary character is Aiichirou Nitori. I’m not sure if I am biased, as a Nitori cosplayer, but I adore Nitori with all of my heart. In season one, Nitori is a character that probably annoys many people. He is your stereotypical ‘senpai notice me’ character. But Nitori is more than that.

Nitori is a good friend and hard worker. When he finds that he isn’t as good as the others on his team, Nitori tries much harder than most to improve. He is constantly seen staying after hours to practice. Nitori’s spirit is admirable as is his devotion to his friends. Nitori is very devoted to Rin, whom he admires greatly. Nitori also tried his best to be supportive of his very rambunctious roommate, Momotarou Mikoshiba. Even when Nitori thinks he will be unable to compete, he encourages Momo whom he thinks is asleep.

In the end, the duty of Samezuka swim club captain is passed on to Nitori. Nitori isn’t the greatest swimmer and he doesn’t have an imposing or authoritative personality but Rin made him captain anyway. In my opinion, this shows Nitori’s growth. Rin knows that even though Nitori isn’t the most talented, he has a strong spirit and a good deal of determination.

I love these qualities about Nitori because he is, in a way, inspirational. He does his best through everything, even if he feels discouraged.


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