Day 17: Akasaka is a Bad*ss. This is all.

I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into this day and not because it was an easy decision. Back when Alyssa and I were trying to figure out our favorite male characters I suggested to her she choose Keiichi (which she did) because Higurashi is one of her favorite franchises. It was when I was thinking of Higurashi that I remembered one of my favorite characters of the series is Mamoru Akasaka, a police officer that arrives in the village for work in events prior to the main story. Akasaka returns later in Kai to help out the main group.

Akasaka is the main character of my favorite arc in Higurashi, Time Killing, which is perhaps the most ominous of the question arcs. Let me just mention that my favorite character (male or female) changes as time goes on, so while this is true now it isn’t the ultimate decision because I can’t make choices like that. If you asked me my favorite character per show that would be easy. It is the overall choice that I find hardest. I love lots of characters. That said, Akasaka is one of my favorites and therefore worthy of this title.

Why Akaska? Simple. He’s a bad*ss. Yes. That’s the reason. Akasaka is a good guy. He’s nice, determined, and is always trying to help. When you first meet him in Time Killing he is a naïve rookie detective who gets pushed into the Hinamizawa business unwillingly. However, when he returns in Kai he is now knowledgeable, eager to help Rika and her friends, and prepared to fight. There was a point when I thought he was going to die and actually screamed his name in grief (I don’t consider this a spoiler because that’s pretty much all that happens in Higurashi, people dying). Akasaka isn’t involved with the situation in Hinamizawa but has a need to pay Rika back for her advice in Time Killing. It was a touching reason to help someone, especially because he has to put his life on the line to do it. Nevertheless, Akasaka fights his way to victory in many cool stunts and is easily my favorite character in the Higurashi franchise (Next in line are Rika and Keichii, who are tied).

Bonus: Sunohara (Clannad)


I have a thing for comedic side characters. What can I say? That kid from Kanon that Sunohara is basically a copy of? He’s one of my faves as well. That said, we are here to talk about Sunohara. I love Sunohara and his dialogue from Greg Ayres is perfect. Farther into the Clannad series I did find that Sunohara remained the butt of jokes a little too often, but he himself and his fun personality always cheered me up. Sunohara is selfish by nature but it is seen often that he is also a bit of a worrier with his sister and, sometimes, Tomoya. His brash, overbearing, self-centered attitude may be a put off to a lot of people but he does truly care and it is this mix of redeeming and damaging characteristics that makes him one of my favorite side characters.


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