Day 18 — Yui

(I am so sorry this post is late. I had a bunch of stuff to finish up yesterday)

I have a lot of female characters that I enjoy in anime, and most of them are usually the secondary or supporting characters. After some thought, I decided that Yui from Angel Beats is one of my favorites.

Like most Angel Beats characters, we don’t get a lot of information about Yui. However, we get more information about Yui than we do about other characters. Yui is, when she first appears, a rambunctious underclassmen who has a pension for annoying the shit out of everyone, except me.

Somehow, I fell in love right away with her hyperactivity. I adored the way that she aggravated Hinata and Otonashi. I loved her passion for music and her singing talent (vocalized by LiSA). Yui was, to me, one of my favorite characters right away.

That being said, I didn’t expect to connect with Yui on such an emotional level as I did. I didn’t expect to find myself tearing up every single time I watch Yui’s farewell episode ‘Goodbye Days.’ And you may ask why it is that I adore Yui so much and I can tell you with ease, but not without spoiling the show. So, if you still haven’t watched Angel Beats and you don’t want it ruined for you, then stop reading now.

In Angel Beats, we find out that before death, Yui was paralyzed from head to toe. She was hit by a car when she was four years old and her mother was left to care for her all the time. Yui spent a great deal of time in her room watching television, dreaming about all of the different things she wanted to do once she recovered from her paralysis. Of course, Yui died from unknown/unrevealed causes and never got to play basketball, wrestle, or be in a band when she was alive.

Due to these unresolved wishes, Yui appears in the afterlife with full mobility – much to her excitement. After Iwasawa passed on, Yui was able to take the place as lead vocalist of her favorite band, Girl’s Dead Monster. As a battlefront member, Yui gets along well with Hinata, constantly pestering him. They have a sort of rival-friendship where they wrestle and insult each other often. As the series progresses, Otonashi helps Yuui accomplish her dreams to play 5-on-1 in soccer, pull of a German Suplex, and play baseball.

Despite not being able to hit a homerun in baseball, Yui admits that she is just happy to get to play and move around the way she never got to in the living world. After this, there is only one dream Yui has left and that is to get married. Hinata helps her fulfill this last regret by proposing to her, assuring that if he had met her in the real world, he wouldn’t have cared about her disability or her inability to do chores. He would have gladly spent time with her and taken care of her. And naturally, this scene is what has made me cry all five times that I have watched Angel Beats.

I love Yui because I relate to her a lot in that I have cerebral palsy. I was born with it and I have spent my life walking on crutches or being in a wheelchair. I can do more than Yui but less than a lot of people. I can empathize with Yui on the belief that no one will marry or love me based on the fact that there are a lot of chores and things I can’t do. I can understand why Yui has all of her dreams about getting to move around, play soccer, and baseball, and even sing onstage. I think Yui is, to me, one of the best characters because she depicts what it would be like for most people who are disabled or paralyzed who were suddenly given the opportunity to walk or do things.

Yuui is rambunctious and extremely intelligent, despite how she acts. And I love that about her. I also adore her unique and ‘edgey’ character design. And, of course, I adore that LiSA does Yui’s singing vocals.

For a character with such a small amount of screentime, I fell in love with Yui as soon as I saw her.


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