Day 18: The Lovely Tomoyo

Like every other post I will start out by saying that this is a hard to make choice. I won’t say I thought long about it, because really when under pressure I almost seem to forget which characters I like and don’t like. That said one supporting female character I truly love is Tomoyo Daidouji.

Tomoyo is a secondary female character in the anime Cardcaptor Sakura and is Sakura’s second cousin (there moms were cousins). At the start of the show Tomoyo just seems like a typical friend side character. Thankfully Sakura tells Tomoyo about the Clow book and cards. This adds a much needed layer of depth to the show. Tomoyo knowing about the Clow cards and always being present when they go on a rampage gives an interesting counter balance to Sakura and Syaoran, who can protect themselves.

Tomoyo is a gentle soul who care deeply for Sakura. In traditional CLAMP style it is revealed (though not directly said) that Tomoyo loves Sakura. Tomoyo’s pure brand of love is something you don’t always see in anime. Many characters are willing to let the ones they like go with other people to make them happy, but few characters never try to go after the target of their affection. Tomoyo loves Sakura but would rather stay friends than burden Sakura with her feelings because she knows Sakura will not return them. This is not to say that Sakura would dislike Tomoyo for feeling this way but Tomoyo herself is so concerned about Sakura’s happiness that she doesn’t want to even put a damper on Sakura’s smile.

One scene I always remember from the anime is the episode where Sakura gets the shield card. The shield card imbeds itself in a box of Tomoyo’s and Sakura is called in to help her unlock the box. When the box is eventually freed from the power of the Shield Kero asks what was so important about unlocking this box. It turns out that inside the box was the first thing Sakura had ever given Tomoyo, a simple eraser that Sakura gave to Tomoyo when she needed one. It may not seem like a big scene but the happy look on her face as she remembers the moment, mixed with Tomoyo’s happy attitude has always made me love her.

At the end of the day Tomoyo will remain as one of my favorite side character of anime for several reasons but most of all that she is an unselfish girl who puts those she loves above her own needs.


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