Day 19 — Kicking It With Levi

Okay, so…I had quite a problem picking out a scene that I deem as ‘epic.’ There are plenty of shows that have epic scenes but many of them I wasn’t sure if I should write about, considering that it had been a while since I had seen them. Sure, I enjoyed, the scene in Tokyo Ghoul where Kaneki Ken pummels Jason but then…I realized that there was a scene much more important to me.

Trystan and I waited and waited for this scene. We had heard about it for quite some time and when we finally saw it…well, it did not disappoint. The scene I am referring to? Well, it’s an Attack on Titan scene. There are plenty of scenes on Attack on Titan that I could write about but my favorite scene is one where Levi kicks the crap out of Eren.

In episode 14, Eren is on trial after first revealing his Titan form. In this episode, Levi beats Eren to prove that the Survey Corps can control Eren. Levi also does this because, if Eren were to keep running his mouth, he would be taken and possibly killed. Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of Eren. Admittedly, he gets better as the series progresses but I waited so long to see this short, older man kick the crap out of Eren. And I was not disappointed.

The animation on the scene was pretty good, bringing attention to detail such as Eren losing his tooth. I get some sort of strange amusement out of Levi, as short as he is, beating Eren up.

Despite my joy from Eren’s pain, I think it is important to note how this scene brings attention to Levi and who he is. The best part of this scene is that Levi does this to save Eren’s life. Levi is not as cold-hearted as people think he is and this is one of the scenes that proves this. I think this is an important scene to the anime because it shows Eren’s vulnerability and his first look at trust in Levi. After this scene, it is revealed that Eren is thankful and understanding in what Levi has done and I think that shows an important comradery. In a way, I think of this scene as foreshadowing for the trust that Eren later shows in the Levi squad.

To me, this scene is epic because it is memorable. It is hilarious for those who aren’t fond of Eren and it is deeper than the face value that people see.


The most epic line, to me, in Attack on Titan, is the all famous “big ass trees” line. I adore this scene because Levi seems so upset with how big the damn trees are. Like, calm down short stuff. And yet, being five foot tall, I can totally sympathize with him.


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