Day 19: The Devil is an Epic Scene

What makes a scene epic? Is it lots of action? Good comedy? Awesome animation? Truly any of these definitions would work and that makes basically any scene from any show a contender for most epic scene. Without a doubt a truly epic scene for me is the opening scene for The Devil is a Part-Timer!

I loved watching The Devil is a Part-Timer!. It is a great comedy and I really enjoyed the English dub for it. Josh Grelle was amazing as Maou. That said one of the best scenes in the show was the opening scene. I’m not saying the rest of the show wasn’t good, but the first scene, the fight between the demons and humans, was really good.

As our first look into this comedy anime we are greeted with characters speaking in a foreign (and made-up) tongue and fighting each other. The fight scenes look great, the animation is smooth and hi-def, and the characters are throwing their emotions on the line in order to win the fight. Satan, however, chooses to run away and gather his strength for a counter attack against the Hero.

You may be thinking that I could have chosen a better scene to be my pick for most epic and maybe I could have. However, I think that would diminish the point. I chose this particular scene because of how memorable it is and the way it differs from the comedy aspects of the scenes directly following it. The juxtaposition of Satan as a tall, strong man to the one who comes out of the portal, drained of power, and several inches shorter is extremely interesting and comparing the seriousness of the opening to the rest of the show highlights that a show really can do good action and great comedy. This is an especially good note to make because the shows main focus isn’t action but more about comedy and the relationships Maou forms while on Earth.

And there you have it. My personal most epic scene in anime. What are your guys’ most epic scenes? Do you like emotional scenes or ones with more action? I went with something that was memorable and stood out to me but it will be interesting to hear what you guys chose!


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