Laughing Under The Clouds Episode 3: That got serious…

Look at us! It’s already episode 3 and the story definitely took off this episode. We start off right where we ended last week with Soramaru eavesdropping on Tenka and Botan. Get this though: Soramaru actually interrupts their conversation to ask what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is going on. Wouldn’t you know it? Tenka tells him, and subsequently us, nothing.

This is where I mention that I hate when people don’t tell someone things. I feel the same way as Soramaru, that Tenka is ignoring us and will eventually just leave us behind because if he isn’t willing to tell us this, why would he care to tell us anything? And I know that may sound extreme but, for me at least, this is what it feels like when it happens to me in real life. That the person doesn’t care about me, that I am lacking the magical quality that I need to know the truth. I feel this way even when I acknowledge that Tenka is trying to protect Soramaru and Chutaro, but it doesn’t change the way Soramaru feels or the way I interpret his actions.

Soramaru vows to become stronger and runs off. Where does he run? To the leader of the Yamainu of course. Soramaru is very quickly rejected, but one member of the Yamainu tells him of a way to be useful; a way that just might lead to him being trained by their leader. Shi, as mister crazy talk is known, tells Soramaru to sneak into Gokumonjo and find out the special “something” that prisoners are told to bring in. Soramaru is determined, although not the brightest crayon in the box, and agrees to do it.

Soramaru enters the Hell-like prison and preceeds to be shocked by the treatment of the prisoners. You seriously didn’t realize what you were bringing these people too? I mean, really? That huge speech about atoning for their sins in the first episode and you didn’t think this place was awful? Ok, fine, you have a good heart. My question, though? Who agrees to the job of Gokumonjo prison guard? Their are guards all over the place and I’m like, “There is no way you could ever get me to agree to that job.” Especially the girl. They put a girl guard in there. I don’t even think I saw any female prisoners. This show is definitely pro-women in a time period that really wasn’t. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m a woman. I think woman should get equal work but this is the second woman in a fighting position in a show that is set in the Meiji era. I don’t think they cared about women’s rights back then.

So, while all this is going on, and I’m still debating women’s rights during the Meiji reconstrution, Tenka is at the doctors. It isn’t apparent what he’s there for, but it does appear to be chronic. When he returns home we are presented with an absent Soramaru and Tenka rushes to find him. Now, because this show likes to jump, we move directly to a scene with Shirasu and Botan, the teacher from the first episode. Shirasu asks her who she is, she questions his loyalty to the family because he’s a Fuuma, he gets all defensive, and then they part ways after it is revealed that Tenka agreed to work with Botan to find the orochi’s vessel.

Normally I would be upset with such back and forth movement in a show, but this scene does have more purpose than to give background to Shirasu and Botan. At the end of the scene when Botan leaves Shirasu notices a noise and this is how they discover the prisoner that was supposed to go to Gokumonjo. Chutaro quickly lets it slide that Soramaru took this random guys place and went in. Here we expect Tenka to go after Soramaru, but Shirasu stops him. Shirasu says something about him looking pale and I happened to think, “That’s a tad hard for me to notice, but sure, I’ll go with it.” So Shirasu goes to get Soramaru.


Lucky for Soramaru because he gets caught eavesdropping, for the second time this episode (Seriously man get better hobbies). Here he presented to some weird criminal and proceeds to freak out.

I would like to say that the music really took a step up this episode. I found myself thinking about it from time to time and was glad I had to rewatch the episode in English so that I could hear it again. All in all this show is moving at a good pace, which is definitely keeping me interested. Remember! There is a scene at the end, but since it really surprised me, I won’t spoil it for you. I would reccomend everyone to go watch it, so far this show is definitely a good one.

Rating; 5/5


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