Day 20: I thought I told you to get in the robot Yuji

Remember Day 11 when I said Blue Gender was my favorite mech anime? Well it’s time to talk about it again and not for a good reason. Yuji Kaido, the main character, happens to be one of my least favorite anime protagonists and characters in general. Like every day I feel the need to say that when the pressure comes to answer these questions I can’t think of a single character that annoys me, but Yuji isn’t the same. He’s always annoyed me. When my brother and I watched Blue Gender together it was basically make as many jokes about Yuji as you can before the ending comes. It is at this point you may be trying to figure out what makes Yuji so annoying.

Can you try to be a *tad* more serious Yuji?

Well let’s just say Yuji goes through phases that consist of: whiny, annoying, a BA, and then back to annoying. When Yuji first comes on-screen he’s a terrified guy who just got jerked awake from cryogenic sleep and is being attacked by giant bug monsters. His whiny behavior is understandable. However during the first part of the series, when they are on Earth, Yuji pretty much refuses to grow up. He gets a tad bearable and then the next second he complains and Marlene nearly punches him in the face.

This is followed by a point in the series where he is almost tolerable and matures a bit. He does some dumb things during this time, but at least he isn’t complaining about anything. (I bet it’s becuase he got in the robot willingly that he wasn’t as annoying)

Then we enter the period where he mans up but it changes him into an insufferable dirt bag. It is, at this point in the series, where Marlene and Yuji almost swap personalities, except Yuji treats everyone like crap for no reason and Marlene is just trying to get Yuji to stop destroying everything with his mech. He seriously turns into an awful person during this period and, for people who have seen the show, no I don’t care about the cause. Yuji goes downright overboard and his fall back to normal is awful and painfully realistic.

This development however does not stop him from being one of the most annoying characters I have ever had to watch develop and, albeit slightly, mature.


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