Day 21 – “The name’s Dandy, baby.”

Okay, so unlike most days this was no contest. When considering who my favorite goofy anime character was, I had no trouble deciding. It’s Dandy, baby. But you can call him Space Dandy.

Where do I even begin naming the ways in which Dandy is one of my favorites? Dandy is clumsy, forgetful, and obsessed with the ‘booty.’ It isn’t uncommon for Dandy to get sidetracked from his missions by a pleasant posterior or helping others. Dandy is, over all, a complete goofball who throws himself headfirst into all kinds of situations such as starting a band with Johnny.

Despite his attitude, Dandy cares about his friends and others. Not only is Dandy easily distracted, it is near impossible for him to actually capture a rare alien – which is his job. Any money he makes from the aliens he does turn in goes to straight to BooBies, an intergalactic version of Hooters.

It’s hard to list all the reasons I love Dandy without spoiling the series. I love the way Dandy throws himself headfirst into situations to help others. At times, he is selfish and quite rash. And often, he can come off as a bit of a moron due to his forgetful nature. However, throughout the series, we slowly learn how big Dandy’s heart really is.

Another thing I love about Dandy? His pompadour. I’m not normally a fan of such a hairstyle but it is oddly fitting for this bumbling alien hunter. Dandy’s character design is interesting, his personality is funny and flawed at times, and I absolutely adore Ian Sinclair as his English voice actor.

I enjoyed Space Dandy so much and laughed so hard at it that I wouldn’t mind watching it again despite having finished it only a little while ago. Dandy always manages to make me laugh with his goofy hijinks and weird thoughts (such as warping will make his hair fall out). Dandy is, to me, one of the goofiest characters that I enjoy above most others. Dandy is one of my favorite anime characters of all time because how foolish and funny he is.

Again, it’s hard to explain all of the reasons I adore Dandy without spoiling the series. That being said, I highly recommend the series to anyone who likes a good space comedy.


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