Day 21: The 60 Billion Double Dollar Man

It’s time to go old school. And by old school I mean my childhood, which is essentially me talking about all the things I watched on Toonami and Adult Swim. That said this character, and show, really do hold a huge place in my heart. So without further ado:

My favorite goofy character is Vash the Stampede, the 60 billion double dollar man.

Vash the Stampede is a very large character. His personality is overwhelming, his unabashed need to help everyone is huge, and his skills with a gun are even bigger. But don’t think these are bad things. Oh no, quite the opposite. Vash’s large personality doesn’t mean he’s serious or mean, but in fact it all stems from pure comedy. At most points in Trigun Vash can be seen do something not quite recommended and paying the price later in the episode. I remember an episode where Vash has headphones in and, unintentionally, walks into a hostage situation.

Vash is a walking danger magnet and his interactions with the other characters are what make this show so golden. Vash is one of the best examples of a character for me because he embodies what it means to be both funny and serious and Trigun pulls it off well. Vash is broken and it isn’t something the show feels the need to hide. Vash, however, doesn’t think the same way and would prefer his lifestyle of wandering around and accidentally cause the destruction of small towns.

There is another reason Vash remains such an important character in my life even after all this time. And that stems from the fact that my mother actually watched Trigun when it aired on TV. I remember one winter when me, my mom, and my brother all watched Trigun. It’s a really enjoyable thing to share something I love so much with people who don’t normally even care about anime. This sentimental value will allow Vash, and Trigun, to remain in my heart forever. (Just don’t let this make you think Trigun isn’t a good show. It’s a great show! These memories just make it even better!)

What kind of goofy characters do you guys like? Or are you the type that hates goofy characters?

Vash approves of this message

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