Day 22: It’s like a card game, but they attack you

Naming your favorite weapon from an anime is like picking candy from a candy store. There Hades, which is Train’s gun in Black Cat, or let’s be real here, all of the weapons in Black Cat. Not to mention every bankai in Bleach. There are the totems they used in MAR to form weapons or the keys that they use in Fairy Tail. You could pick something like the Death Note or the 3D maneuvering gear from Attack on Titan. And one cannot forget the living weapons from Soul Eater. The list is endless and filled with lots of cool weapons.

However despite all of those extremely shonen examples I am going to pick a weapon from a magical girl show. Yes, I said it. A magical girl. And no, it will not be from Madoka. Let’s go to an older show, one from the 90’s. One of my favorite weapons in all of anime is the Clow Cards from Cardcaptor Sakura.

A small sample of 53 cards from the anime

Now truthfully the Clow Cards weren’t created to be weapons. They’re job isn’t to fight people and this is evident by the many cards with pretty pointless powers such as The Sweet who makes food sweet or The Flower who makes flowers. But each card has its purpose in helping the world and therefore can technically be considered a weapon. Sakura frequently uses the Clow Cards to fight other Clow Cards that need to be stopped and captured.

The manga only featured 19 Clow Cards

I think the reason I like the Clow Cards so much is that they’re really unique. The idea of drawing power from an object isn’t particularly new but the idea that this card holds a spirit that literally possesses their power is quite unique. Sakura must depend entirely on the Clow Cards spirit in order for the power to work is extremely interesting. And you have to realize these cards each have their own personality. There is an episode with The Mirror where the card informs Sakura’s brother Toya that Sakura is in trouble and needs help despite the fact that she isn’t supposed to let Toya know she isn’t the real Sakura.

The mechanic of this series just has a lot of personality and I guess that’s what makes the Clow Cards one of my favorite weapons in anime.

BONUS: Can we talk about Hyorinmaru for a minute? Cause seriously Hitsugaya got one awesome weapon/bankai.


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