Day 22 -That’s a Big A** Gun

Like most days, I spent a good deal of time deliberating on what I would write about and, of course, my ideas strayed from those I had written down at the start of this project. One of my all-time favorite weapons in an anime or manga is Seras Victoria’s Hellsing ARMS Anti-Tank Rifle ‘Harkonnen.’

Seras and the regular Harkonnen

I seriously love the Harkonnen cannon and I’m not sure why. The thing weighs in at 120 pounds unloaded and Seras Victoria wields it with ease (this being of course because she’s a vampire). Seras Victoria is able to tote this gun around with ease, sometimes firing it from her shoulder in the manga. I’m not extremely knowledgeable about guns but I can respect a fine weapon when presented with one. The Harkonnen is a 30mm, single shell breach loader cannon that is compatible with a variety of shells. Throughout the series, we know that the Harkonnen can fire incendiary napalm rounds to be used against large groups. The Harkonnen can also fire depleted uranium armor piercing rounds. Seras Victoria is able to tote this gun around with ease, sometimes firing it from her shoulder in the manga.

In Hellsing, we also get to see the Harkonnen II which weighs in at a whopping 760 pounds. The Harkonnen II was created with the protection of the Hellsing Organization in mind. This particular weapon works with two twin 30mm auto cannons that are belt-fed from two huge ammunition boxes that Seras sports on her back. The Harkonnen II is stunning with its 4000 meter range and its ability to double as a grenade launcher.

Harkonnen II

Despite it being overpowered as hell, I really adore the Harkonnen models. They were well drawn and interesting. The guns are way too large for any normal person which is why they fit perfectly for Seras who, in my opinion, looks too small to handle the guns. I believe that the Harkonnen is interesting because of its design and weight as well as the fact that each of the two models holds a specific purpose.

Fun Fact: It is likely that Seras Victoria’s Harkonnen cannons are named after Baron Valdimir Harkonnen, main antagonist in Frank Herbert’s novel Dune.


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