Laughing Under the Clouds Episode 4: “I don’t kill people, I protect them.”

The story picks up right where it left off from last episode and Soramaru continues his needed freak out over finding the man responsible for the death of his parents (Or at least his mother? I assume the fox guy killed both of his parents but I know he says specifically that he did not intend to kill their mother.). Soramaru’s freak out includes punching and attempting to strangle the man before fox mask just throws him into a wall.

After passing out and then waking up in another room Soramaru is greeted by the pink haired girl from last episode. I was interested to learn what made her choose to enter Gokumonjo as a prison guard and we are finally giving this bit of information when we find of fox mask killed her entire family. She wishes for revenge while Soramaru isn’t completely sure where he stands on the matter. I’m not sure if Soramaru believes in his own strength and even if he does he is smart enough to realize that he isn’t near as strong as most of the people around him. It’s a struggle I enjoy watching because it’s a very realistic problem and I want to see Soramaru get over it and make up his mind.

During Soramaru’s conversation with the pink haired guard an explosion occurs and Soramaru is quickly left to himself. Prisoners start escaping and Gokumonjo is in a panic. However, Rakuchou Takeda (the green haired guy with the freckles) arrives and proves that he is powerful despite being a new recruit to the Yamainu.

I would just like to say that I love that Shirasu thinks causing an explosion to a prison full of really bad people is an acceptable way to rescue Soramaru. He doesn’t even question why Soramaru went into Gokumonjo. He’s just like, “It’s time to leave.”

This leads to a big development that I mentioned earlier. I don’t know how well Soramaru will stick to his resolve but his ability to make this decision is admirable. He returns to fox mask guy and tells him that he will not allow fox mask to forget him. Fox mask will remember killing his parents and Soramaru as the boy who punched him. Instead of going for revenge Soramaru opts for protecting what he loves and not allowing fox mask to steal his life. Soramaru, in essence, believes in the power of laughter.

I really liked this episode. I may not have been as good as last episode but it did a lot for the characters, especially Soramaru. To be hones the character I relate most to is Soramaru so I find his journey to be an important one. His struggle for power and equality with Tenka is something I understand well and have just naturally formed a connection to him with. Don’t get me wrong Chutaro is still my favorite character but Soramaru is important to me as well. This is why I found his decision to protect instead of taking revenge to be a very admirable route and one that I hope serves him well.

This week's Chutaro comes from the ending!
This week’s Chutaro comes from the ending!

After the ending: You know I really preferred her character with the pink hair. I liked the way the hair cut looked on her although the strange half-and-half hair and eye color is also interesting. I can’t wait to learn more about this guard from Gokumonjo.

Rating: 4.5/5


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