Day 23: Rolling Thunder

The attack I chose for today isn’t specific to one character in the show. The move I am referring to is Rolling Thunder from Angelic Layer.

This is the first time Hikaru uses Rolling Thunder

Angelic Layer is a show about a game of the same name where people fight special dolls using their mind. This opens up a world of different techniques and all the fights in this show are well done and creative but one of my favorite things about the show is that anyone can technically steal your moves. This is the situation with Rolling Thunder. The first time we see this move is in episode six when the main character Misaki is battling Hotoko and her angel Suzuka. As a finishing blow Suzuka uses Rolling Thunder. Rolling Thunder is a kick attack that is illuminated with a rainbow like tail. I personally think it looks really cool and despite not being one of the more elaborate attacks in the show is still one of the strongest.

Misaki takes her loss and soon learns to pull off Rolling Thunder with her angel, Hikaru. Everyone was shocked she pulled it off as only Suzuka had previously performed the attack. I believe what makes this attack great is that those with high skill can use it and it isn’t character specific. If I remember correctly even Athena (the strongest angel) uses this attack once during a battle with Misaki and Hikaru.

Angelic Layer as a game is very versatile and interesting and the fact that Misaki straight up uses an attack that had previously defeated her to advance during the completion shows that she is willing to learn and adapt.

Also I think it looks really neat. So what are your favorite attacks from any and all anime you have seen? I would love to know!

*The move can be seen at 5:40. This is the first time you see it in the series, episode 6*


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