Day 24: “Remember That We Lived”

Day 24 – Most Shocking Moment

Just a fair warning that despite this post’s shortness, it is going to be spoiler laden. This post is about Zankyou no Terror/Terror in Resonance and my shock by the end of the series.

Zankyou no Terror was intense with its breath-taking animation and intense storyline. When ZnT started, Trystan and I spoke about how slow-moving (but well-paced) it was and how there was ‘no way’ they could finish the series by the eleventh episode. However, we were most certainly wrong. Zankyou no Terror kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the series and unlike most series, left me shocked, horrified, and crying.

Due to the “Athena Project,” main characters/teenage terrorists, Nine and Twelve are gifted beyond belief. They are highly intelligent due to experiments that were conducted on them as children. Near the end of the series, we learn that Five, Nine, and Twelve all have shortened lifespans due to these experiments. They are the only children still alive from the facility, the rest having died.

As the series progresses, Nine and Twelve get sicker and sicker, suffering from migraines, ringing ears, and dizziness. Naturally, I expected these two to die. I expected them to die under circumstances pertaining to their limited lives.

That being said, it hit me like a ton of bricks when Twelve was shot by the U.S. government when Nine threatens to detonate another atomic bomb. I was expecting him to die but not like that! I felt my heart stop; I couldn’t understand why they had to shoot him! They claimed it was to hide their involvement with the Athena Project but why shoot one and not the other? I didn’t cry for forty minutes like Trystan but I did tear up and I felt a sense of dread spread through my stomach. Zankyou no Terror impacted me heavily, especially with the amount of shock I was in when it ended.

Have you seen Zankyou no Terror? Has there ever been an anime that has impacted you so hard you cried for a long time?


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