Day 24: “But, But…”


This is the first time in this project that Alyssa and I have chosen the same thing. Normally when one of us picks something the other compliments the choice and then we pick something/someone else for the day. Today however is different. I do not care if this post is repetitive because Alyssa also picked this moment. Twelve’s death is perhaps the absolute most shocking thing I’ve seen in anime. There may be some scene I’m forgetting or I may just be picking this scene because it is something I watched recently and therefore remember it better but that doesn’t change how shocked I was.

It had been hinted at several times throughout the show that the Nine and Twelve were dying. And then it was explicitly stated that all the other children from the experiment had died. This means we expected them to die. Or really I just didn’t expect them to live. I did not see this show being so kind as to let Nine and Twelve live after everything they had done. I expected it. So why then was it so shocking?

Yes, I expected their bodies to give out. I did not expect them to shoot Twelve. Let me give you a play by play of the day I watched the last episode of Terror In Resonance.

“They shot Twelve!”

Loud sobbing.

“But they shot Twelve!”

More loud sobbing mixed with me blowing my nose.

Rinse and repeat for about 40 minutes.

I literally could not stop saying “they shot Twelve.” It was awful. I couldn’t get over it. I just sat there and sobbed for about 40 minutes (probably a little bit more). It was like every time I stopped crying I would remember or Alyssa would say something and then there I was making this loud awful noise and bawling my eyes out. And trust me, I don’t have a pretty crying face. In fact, I look quite awful when I cry. This scene was unexpected and awful and frankly I’m still p*ssed it happened. But I guess that’s why it gets the title of scene that shocked me the most.


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