Laughing Under the Clouds Episode 5: “Please make me stronger.”

*Spoiler Warning: I know it is obvious, but if it is not: the following review contains spoilers for episode 5 of Laughing Under the Clouds*

Guys! Guys! Did you see that? I mean it started out all nice like Soramaru went and told the Yamainu about what he learned at Gokumonjo. Soramaru was all happy, Chutaro was adorable, and Tenka had a cold cause he was dumb and ran around half-naked in the rain. Things were good and Sousei even agreed to teach Soramaru in exchange for the information.

Here have a lovely picture of Sousei.

And then it happened. Yeah, I’m skipping like half the episode solely because of this event. When you watch the episode understand that it will come down to this moment. Laughing Under the Clouds has continually done one thing right: leaving us on the edge of our seats. Episode 5 is no exception.

I called this, though I’m not sure I wrote it in a review because I feared spoiling everyone else’s thought process. I figured that one of the Kumoh brothers would be the vessel. There’s no way this story was going in any other direction. However I was never certain which it would be until we got that shot of Tenka in pain. And it is confirmed in this episode that Tenka is indeed the Orochi’s vessel and that the medicine he’s been getting is starting to fail. This means Tenka is nearing the end of his control on his body.

SOMEONE now thinks it’s a good idea to arrest him and charge him with the Gokumonjo bombing. I won’t tell you where this leads, besides a tear worthy scene after the credits and it’s mainly because I can’t bring myself to type it. Perhaps the worst part about following along with the broadcast dub is that I know there are more episodes out and that I could watch them and learn about what’s going to happen. I could ease these terrible feelings, but I hold myself back and wait till it is time for the broadcast dub.

I do want to mention one thing: I hate it when shows do that someone’s talking but we aren’t going to show you what they said thing. Especially in this episode of Laughing Under the Clouds. We get all the information they block out so it’s not like this little worthless suspense is going to do us any good. And frankly I just find it a boring tactic to add suspense when you can’t think of any other way. The first time they did it is understandable, but the second wasn’t necessary.

Broadcast Dub:
I figured five episodes was enough to gauge how I feel about the cast of this show. It is true that early in its run I wasn’t so sure about everyone. The Kumoh brothers all seemed like ‘eh’ choices and I found I preferred most of the Japanese cast to the English. However after these five episodes I will say I’ve changed my mind a lot. The comedy of this show is definitely the reason I know enjoy the English voices of the Kumoh brothers. I’m happy with them even while I can still nitpick. (For example I still think Tenka’s voice is too deep, but he portrays Tenka well so I won’t complain.) There are two voices however that I still absolutely despise. Abe no Sousei and Shirasu. Shirasu is one of my favorite characters in this show (right after Chutaro) and I still can’t get used to his voice. I much prefer the soft voice of the Japanese version. Honestly this is the same argument I have for why I dislike Sousei’s English voice. I feel they don’t fit the characters and, while both voice actors are giving good performances, I still don’t think they were good choices.

Rating: 4.5/5 (And a definite yes on the sadness scale)


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