Day 26: A Fight for One, A Fight for All

Asking me about fights won’t really get you anywhere. It’s true that I watch anime that feature fights all the time. I love the concept of the giant robot and I grew up with Dragon Ball (Z) and even magical girl shows features fights that are watered down with magical attacks. But realistically these are just parts of an episode for me and rarely do I think “man this fight scene.” If I remark on the scene it is about the scene in general and not about the fight specifically except maybe to say that it is unique. Therefore I am going to give you guys two fights scenes that I really enjoy.

*Beware of the SPOILERS*

Fight one: Maka & Soul v. Chrona and Ragnarok 2

This fight is the second time these two do battle. The first time it is an overwhelming victory for Chrona and his crazy sword Ragnarok but this time things turn out way different. This fight is one of the most inventive fights I’ve seen. I enjoy the techniques used to make this scene very memorable and push the fight and the characters forward.

If you’ve never seen Soul Eater I won’t spoil what is happening in the story at the point of this fight but I will spoil the contents of the fight itself. Maka and Soul confront Chrona in order to buy time for their current mission. However due to experiments that were performed on Chrona when he was younger he has what they call ‘black blood’ inside him. This black blood, which causes a madness of sorts in Chrona, is what makes up his weapon Ragnarok. The madness boosts Chrona’s power and at first Maka is unable to do anything against Chrona. But instead of giving up like in the first fight Maka decides that she should use this same madness to gain power and also hopefully connect to Chrona’s tortured soul.

The fight after the madness is what I truly like. The way Maka loses control and fights Chrona is very well animated and is a stunning scene. It is also very creepy. Both Maka and Chrona have very exaggerated faces and as they take turns landing blows you realize that neither currently cares about being hit. Maka eventually enters Chrona’s soul, which I won’t spoil, but it does make for a satisfying conclusion to this very interesting scene.

Fight two: Final Battle: Futari wa Precure: Splash Star

This fight isn’t necessarily inventive like I praised the first one for being. All it really is is entertaining. I don’t really want to spoil the ending of this show for you (as it is one of my favorites), but just know the villain goes through this really DBZ style upgrade and him and the Cures of this season get into come heavy-handed combat. Destruction is handed out like no one’s business and there is even a part where the villain gets a boot to the face.

This fight does feature a part where they think they lose and then they get back up and win but it is really satisfying after watching their intense journey and character development. The full on battle this show gives is great because it mixes pure action and a magical girl show. It’s great to see girls kicking butt for the greater good.


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