Day 27: The Most Bad*ss Dandy

Like most days I will inform you that this post contains spoilers specifically for the ending of the second season of Space Dandy. You have been warned and I am not responsible if you spoil yourself on a great series.

So for most badass scene I have chosen the last episode of Space Dandy which was really something. This episode took us all over the place. Bea was a secret agent and he was determined to have his way. Dandy was attached to an evil machine that was going to destroy everything. And we finally saw all of the Statue of Liberty ship, which was crazy, just crazy.

This all culminates in the best possible way. Dandy agrees to go to the center of the giant weapon to stop it from exploding. He isn’t going to sacrifice himself; in fact he says he’ll come back for sure. After all he can’t waste the life his friends just saved, can he? So he goes off and attempts to disarm the weapon and just barely does. And while this scene is beautifully animated and truly brought all the emotions in me out what follows is even better.

Dandy meets the creator of the universe, God. God informs Dandy that he doesn’t have much longer and that means he needs a replacement. Handpicked by God is Dandy. However Dandy turns him down. Dandy turns down the chance to rule the entire universe. He turns God down. Why? Because he won’t have a body and what good is living without your body. So Dandy leaves the universe without a god and goes back to life. Right back to the first scene in the show.


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