Laughing Under The Clouds episode 6: “This is all she wrote.”

*This episode was huge for the plot and that means that spoilers may follow. Understand thsi before you read*

I’m not sure there’s really anything to say after an episode like that. I’m not going to make a summary filled with witty comments because I was on edge and sad during most of the episode. If you haven’t watched this episode, don’t just sit there, watch it!

So, instead, I will remind you guys of something I think is important, a lesson Tenka did not learn soon enough, in my opinion.
You actions may be to protect someone but when you do things without telling them and never explain yourself you will hurt them. Maybe protection sn’t what they want and they certainly don’t want to be blindsided with the truth of your actions.Keep this in mind.

That said there is still one thing I want/need to talk about. That past scene. Does anyone have any idea what happened there? I mean amid my grief stricken heart I was presented with the fact that these people appear to be reincarnated. We have Botan, who is clearly the same person, and this guard who also seems to know about this mystical past. Maybe. It’s hard to tell. So with that information which Kumoh was it? The voice was hard to recognize in both versions so I’m at a loss as to the entire scene. There had better be a follow up next week!

Rating: 5/5


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