Day 29: Second Chances — Not Yet Dead Battlefront

It isn’t easy to decide what kind of anime I wish were real. Frankly, I hadn’t thought of anything for this day because every anime world has its flaws, other than the slice of life series that are practically already ‘real.’ It wasn’t until Trystan mentioned it that I had something to write about.

Let me begin by saying that I don’t necessarily wish the anime were real but rather the concept itself. The anime I chose? Well, it’s Angel Beats. The concept in Angel Beats is that when adolescents die unexpectedly or with unfulfilled business, they go to this sort of limbo. Said limbo is disguised as a high school wherein the students do not age, nor are they able to die – because they are already dead.

Of course, there is no proving that the universe doesn’t work like this but let us say, for the sake of this post, that there is no afterlife/limbo. That being said, the concept presented in Angel Beats is interesting and gives a sense of hope. Of course, no one wants to die with unfinished business but I believe that if we were to pass at such a young age with goals still yet to be accomplished, then I would definitely want to be sent to the school in the afterlife.

I covered Angel Beats previously when I spoke about Yui and I think it is necessary to mention that I would want the Angel Beats afterlife to be real so that I could, like Yui, be able to walk, run, perform, and play around freely without a physical disability. If I was able to do these things, I would most certainly ‘graduate’ (pass on) from the school. Therefore, if I wanted any anime world to be real, it would most certainly be the afterlife presented in Angel Beats.


Despite not wanting it to be real, I think it would be interesting to exist in the Fate/series worlds. Rather, being part of the Grail War with a magical servant would be interesting. I most certainly wouldn’t want to be a bystander when the Grail War took place. And of course, I would want Saber as my servant (or Zero Lancer).


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