Day 29: Card games anyone?

Don’t take this weird. I obviously don’t want any of the conflicts in these shows to be real but the main part of the show, what it is based around would be great to be real. So therefore the anime I wish was real was Yu-Gi-Oh (specifically GX).

Now you might be thinking, “But Yu-Gi-Oh cards already exist. You can just go play that game with your weeaboo friends.” (Okay maybe you aren’t that mean about it.) And yeah I could go play a card game, on a table, with my friend. Or I could pretend Yu-Gi-Oh was real and not only could these monsters come alive thanks to virtual reality but there would also be a school dedicated to teaching me how to play card games. Like this blows my mind! That in GX playing a card game is an ACCEPTABLE future for a kid.

When I was young and said I wanted to play a game for the rest of my life my mom laughed and called me cute. In Yu-Gi-Oh GX? IT’S A LEGITIMITE PROFESSION. I can get a doctorate in Duel Monsters cards! Seriously I can’t get over this. Like, please, let this be the future. It’s the solution to all those kids who are smart but hate doing real work. Let them try to toil over making a great Duel Monsters deck and see if they can beat each other. They’ll probably be great about it.

But hey, that’s just my opinion. So what worlds would you guys like to see come to life? Like Alyssa I think Angel Beats has a good world. Being able to pass on without regrets is something everyone wants. And hey imagine that there’s one for old people who didn’t get to live through their dreams. That might be fun to see. It’d be kinda like the Golden Girls.


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